Sandy Shreve

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Belonging, Victoria: 1997, Sono Nis Press
ISBN: 1-55039-073-2
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“There is not a poem in this fine book that fails to move me. The book is called Belonging, but it is the ‘longing’ part of that word I feel here most – the sense of a lost past that frays away, ‘one thread at a time.’ But Shreve’s past is no sentimental abstraction – it is peopled with parents, with great aunts, with the fascinating woman Emma who was also the man Franklin, with the poet’s sister who had cerebral palsy. Their stories do not ‘grab for heroics,’ and they compel our interest for just that reason. Articulate and beautiful, the voices in these poems are ones you will be glad to have heard.” – Leona Gom

“Finely crafted poems about family relations, memory, longing, identity – the ordinary in everyday life elevated to prayer.” – Susan Musgrave, The Vancouver Sun

“… an articulate and beautiful investigation into a vibrant past peopled with fascinating and compassionately rendered characters.” – Suzanne Buffam, Feminist Bookstore News

“… a wonderful book of moving poetry. The poems in Belonging are very human and will stir the heart of any reader.” – Penny Ferguson, Pottersfield Portfolio