Sandy Shreve

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Bewildered Rituals

Bewildered Rituals - cover imageBewildered Rituals, Vancouver: 1992, Polestar Press
ISBN: 0-919591-95-7
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“Shreve is an inquisitive, socially conscious, and form-fascinated poet. … she is at home with her Muse, particularly when she evokes her “home” landscapes, whether East or West Coast … Shreve is a significant, soon-to-be-major poet.” – George Elliott Clarke, Books In Canada

“… a lucid and intelligent book of poems. The author blends events from her private life with concerns about major social issues in a skillful melding of micro- and macrocosm. … The skill, the lucidity, and the emotional power of this book make me think that she has returned to most of the poems ‘again and again.’” – Don Precosky, Event

“Bewildered Rituals is an assortment of poem types – free and form. … What I like most is her ability to know which forms to use and when, and how to manipulate them if necessary. Triolets and pantoums, for example, typically have a rhyme scheme but Shreve only needed their patterns in order for her poems to work, not the rhymes.” – John Mutford, The Book Mine Set