Sandy Shreve

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The Speed of the Wheel is up to the Potter

The Speed of the Wheel is Up to the Potter, Toronto: 1990, Quarry Press
ISBN: 0-919627-79-x
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“Shreve writes with a reverence for women’s jobs . . . to Shreve, the office is a stage where she executes bravura performances.” – Women’s Education

“Her first collection of poems from the workaday world is rooted in the common grind and an uncommon eye for what gives it significance. This verse is sensitive, clean and strong.” – The Ottawa Citizen

“In ‘Allegiances’ Shreve challenges the accepted version of early New Brunswick history from a particularly female perspective, and in doing so creates a new historical vision in the form of herstory. Shreve is the voice of women, who, like a ghost ship that has ‘coursed this coast/for centuries’ laden with ‘versions of her tragedy,’ is ‘waiting to be heard.’” – Louise Noble, Queen’s Journal