Sandy Shreve

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Artist’s Statement

Photo Art

(Darrel Silo photo)

My interest in photography as an art form began in 2008, when my husband bought me my first digital camera. After several years of photographing birds, flowers, landscapes and other traditional subjects, I began using the camera to create abstracts. Initially, I would search my pictures for details which, extracted and enlarged, revealed intriguing patterns, what I call natural abstracts.  I still enjoy that approach, but in the past few years I have begun to use a variety of Photoshop tools to create a new piece of digital art inspired by, but often dramatically different from my original photograph.  In doing so, I find I can see, perhaps more deeply, what it was — be it the beauty of a particular design, the combination of colour and shape and texture, an emotion suddenly conjured — that moved me to take a picture in the first place.



Halleluiah, I’m 60 now, and even a little more,

and some days, I feel I have wings.”

– Mary Oliver

For as long as I can remember, what I’ve really wanted to do is paint. Then at an exhibition here on Pender in 2014, when I told artist Sue Foote that everyone in my family but me could draw, she said she’d never tried her hand at it until she was in her 60s.  I was 63 at the time, and it crossed my mind that perhaps I, too, could try. I tucked the idea away and continued with my photo art. Then, the following year, artist Judith Walker commenting on my images, said “you should paint”.  A few months later, when she offered a beginner’s workshop, I took a deep breath and signed up. I haven’t stopped painting since.