Sandy Shreve

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Artist’s Statement

Halleluiah, I’m 60 now, and even a little more,

and some days, I feel I have wings.”

– Mary Oliver

(Darrel Silo photo)

Sandy’s interest in photography began in 2008, when her husband bought her a digital camera. Initially, she wanted to find ways to marry images with poems, and that resulted in a series of ‘photo poems’ postcards and calendars. Then she turned to photographing birds (especially herons, like the Great Blue Heron taking flight, seen on the home page). Once she reached her 60s, however, she found herself consumed by the visual, constantly on the lookout for the unusual in the usual.


“Of Stone”

“Much to my surprise, I’ve found myself using the camera mainly to create abstracts,” says Sandy. “Sometimes I’ll print an image pretty much as I photographed it – but more often than not, I’ll search a picture for details which, extracted and enlarged, reveal intriguing patterns – what I think of as ‘natural abstracts’.”



Sandy also uses a variety of Photoshop techniques – especially layers, filters and brushes – to alter colour, shape and/or texture to create something quite different from the original picture. Referring to the images on this page, she explains, “‘Of Stone’ began as a small detail from a photo of stones under water, while ‘Birch World’ consists of a series of photos I took at the Waterfowl Park in Sackville, NB. The images I create this way are, I suspect, quite different from what most people would consider traditional photography – so I think of this work as photo art.”


“After Hours”

Recently, she has begun to photograph scraps of acrylic painting exercises, which she then uses to finalize abstracts such as “After Hours”.  Her photo art is available in limited edition archival quality prints (maximum of 5 each, framed or just matted).




“Among the Birches”

“Ever since I was very young, what I’ve really wanted to do is paint,” says Sandy, who first picked up a brush and tried her hand at acrylics in 2015. “It just happened that Judith Walker, a fabulous artist here on Pender, was giving some workshops – so I signed up.”  Sandy first exhibited her paintings at Talisman Books and Gallery and Sea Star Vineyards art shows in July and August 2017.


To view more examples of her work, please visit her galleries under the Art menu on this site.


Sandy began exhibiting her photo art at various Pender Island venues in 2013. Her work is available at Ridgeview Studio (see the local Art Map or the Pender Arts website for directions), at Dockside Realty’s Gallery, 9713A Second Street, Sidney, BC and at Talisman Books and Gallery (Driftwood Centre, Pender Island, BC).