Sandy Shreve

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In Fine Form

In Fine Form, 2nd edition: A Contemporary Look at Canadian Form Poetry (co-edited with Kate Braid).  Halfmoon Bay: 2016, Caitlin Press. ISBN 978-1-987915-02-0 In the decade since the publication of the first edition of In Fine Form, there has been a resurgence of Canadian poets writing in “form” – from[…]

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Waiting for the Albatross

Waiting for the Albatross, Fernie. BC: 2015, Oolichan Books ISBN: 978-0-88982-304-4 “Poignant, salty, full of danger, these poems always manage to dock at our hearts.” – Jane Eaton Hamilton “It’s a book of poetry and also a history. It’s formal and plain-spoken, contemplative and bloody-knuckled. It’s then and it’s now.[…]

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Suddenly So Much

Suddenly, So Much, Toronto: 2005, Exile Editions ISBN: 1-55096-652-9 Available from your local retail or on-line bookseller, or from Exile Editions “Ritual, precision, wildness, wonder—these are the means by which Sandy Shreve finds new power in her fourth collection of poems, Suddenly, So Much. Improvising upon the ‘measured step’ of[…]

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Belonging, Victoria: 1997, Sono Nis Press ISBN: 1-55039-073-2 Available from “There is not a poem in this fine book that fails to move me. The book is called Belonging, but it is the ‘longing’ part of that word I feel here most – the sense of a lost past[…]

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Bewildered Rituals

Bewildered Rituals, Vancouver: 1992, Polestar Press ISBN: 0-919591-95-7 Available from AbeBooks “Shreve is an inquisitive, socially conscious, and form-fascinated poet. … she is at home with her Muse, particularly when she evokes her “home” landscapes, whether East or West Coast … Shreve is a significant, soon-to-be-major poet.” – George Elliott[…]

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The Speed of the Wheel is up to the Potter

The Speed of the Wheel is Up to the Potter, Toronto: 1990, Quarry Press ISBN: 0-919627-79-x Available from AbeBooks “Shreve writes with a reverence for women’s jobs . . . to Shreve, the office is a stage where she executes bravura performances.” – Women’s Education “Her first collection of poems from[…]

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