Sandy Shreve

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Articles & Interviews

Reviews/commentaries on Waiting for the Albatross (Oolichan Books, 2015):


“After Words – Sandy Shreve’s Creative Journey” – a profile by Hans Tammemaji in Aqua Gulf Islands Living, January 2016 (starts on p. 24)


with Rob Taylor about Waiting for the Albatross at silaron and Prism International

with Rob Taylor on his blog – mostly about Villanelles (April 2012):  to give a form’s refrains / a fighting chance

with Jane Eaton Hamilton about Waiting for the Albatross and other poetry- related matters

with Shane Neilson, The Danforth Review, (winter 2004)  interview about In Fine Form (once you’re in the site, click ‘continue…’ to get to the document)

on the Canadian Literature site


Selected Articles, presentations, etc.:

Article about Maureen McCarthy’s poetry on the Brick website.

Guest blog “Where Poems Begin” on the Ooligan Press website.

The-lure-of-tradition – 2002 presentation  on form poetry

Short history of Sex, Death and Madness, at ABC BookWorld.

A brief history of Poetry in Transit

Columns on poems by Barbara Nickel, Ann Wilkinson and Charles Bruce in Arc’s “How Poems Work”  series

Coffee-and-a-donut-on-the-side – in Poetry Canada Review (1992)

Introduction-to-working-for-a-living (double issue of Room of One’s Own on women writing about their work)