Sandy Shreve

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Suddenly So Much

Suddenly, So Much, Toronto: 2005, Exile Editions
ISBN: 1-55096-652-9
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“Ritual, precision, wildness, wonder—these are the means by which Sandy Shreve finds new power in her fourth collection of poems, Suddenly, So Much. Improvising upon the ‘measured step’ of forms such as the pantoum, triolet and sonnet, and techniques such as deep indentation in “Footsteps,” … she creates time-shifting, wonder-inducing effects. … Suddenly, So Much testifies to the new power afforded the poet when she plays within the traditions of form and craft. The result is a collection to read, study and savour. “– Leslie Timmins, The Danforth Review

“The poems in Suddenly, So Much yield more on each re-reading. From the playful to the heartbreakingly beautiful, the essence of this book is transformation and grace in the midst of ruin. These are poems with the depth we hope for in poetry.” – Kate Braid

“After reading Sandy Shreve’s new collection of poetry, one cannot help but look at the world and our surroundings with a newfound perspective.” – The Toronto Quarterly