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"poignant" "contemplative" "intricate and masterful"

"rich and plucky" "wonder-inducing"

"articulate and beautiful" "lucid and intelligent" "an uncommon eye"

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Sandy Shreve has published five books of poetry and two chapbooks, and edited or co-edited three anthologies. Her work, which has appeared in numerous journals and is widely anthologized, has won the Earle Birney Prize for Poetry and been short-listed for the Milton Acorn People’s Poetry Award and the National Magazine Awards for poetry.

Sandy founded BC's Poetry in Transit program, was one of the organizers of the first Mayworks festivals in Vancouver, and has served on the West Coast Book Prize Society board of directors, the Dead Poets Live Reading Series committee, and on several book prize juries.  She co-edited, with Kate Braid, the ground-breaking book, In Fine Form – The Canadian Book of Form Poetry and In Fine Form, 2nd edition - A Contemporary Look at Canadian Form Poetry. She edited Working for A Living, a collection of poetry and stories by women about the work they do.

Since moving to Pender Island in 2012, she has developed an interest in photo art and acrylic painting and has shown her work in several exhibitions.

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“Poetry fascinates me. The math of it – that meticulous balancing of ideas, through image, metaphor and other devices; and the music of it, meticulous again, that selection of words and their order until they sing.”

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Visual Art

"For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to paint, but convinced I couldn’t even draw a straight line, I focused my creative energy on writing, often trying to evoke the visual through words. It wasn’t until a few years ago, in my mid-60s, that I decided to give painting a try."

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