Sandy Shreve
Paintings, Photo Art, Poetry
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Oil on canvas; 36" x 36"; unframed

Canadian Dollars

I started work on Whisper planning to develop a background for an entirely different painting. After laying down several very thin layers, I found myself unable to add to it. I usually fall in love with backgrounds and have to leave them alone for a few days before moving on. But this time, weeks passed. I adored the delicate colours, the variety of shapes – how they drew me in, finding more to look at the longer I stayed with it. No idea for changing this painting felt right. But it was such a dramatic departure from what I’d been doing for a few years – focusing on bold colours, geometric designs – that I had a hard time accepting it really could be finished. After several artist friends took a look and said leave it alone, it’s done; don’t overwork it, I decided it was time to trust myself. I took their advice and am now working on a new series in this style.

(A note about putting this online - because the colours are so very soft, depending on the calibration of your computer screen, they may or may not show up accurately.)