Sandy Shreve
Paintings, Photo Art, Poetry
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Tofino Sand Arrangement SOLD

Archival digital photographs, block mounted

Tofino Sand Arrangement SOLD

The photograph Tofino Sand marks an aesthetic turning point for me. I took the photo on
the beach in 2012 while vacationing with friends. When I got home and downloaded it
onto my computer, my first thought was, “it’s abstract … and I like it”. Since then my
interest in the visual arts has turned more and more to abstraction.

This arrangement consists of the original image and six smaller details taken from it.
It is an interactive work in that whoever owns it can hang each smaller piece in any
direction and in any position around the main image. The main image is one of a
limited edition of five; the six details are each one of a limited edition of three.
The complete arrangement shown here one of a kind.