Sandy Shreve
Paintings, Photo Art, Poetry

Blog - Wednesday Poems

(posted on 15 May 2024)

Sticking with the seasonal theme this week, today’s Wednesday Poem is Spring Cleaning, from my book Bewildered Rituals (Polestar Press).  I composed the  accompanying image by collaging my photographs in Photoshop.

When I retired, my husband bought me my first digital camera. I dove into taking pictures, thinking to pair them with my poems, in hopes that photographs might make the poetry more widely accessible. I made cards and calendars – and a set of postcards, like the one shown here, which I took to various stores around Vancouver, where I lived at the time, asking if they might sell these on commission.  It was an interesting, but exhausting project.  After one particularly foot wearying day, I came home and told Bill I was done. I still have a supply of the postcards, though; and I still make art cards with my photos.  Spring Cleaning is one of many poems I have written that draws on my experiences in office work.